Photo by White Rabbit Studios

Photo by White Rabbit Studios


Hi! I’m Liz Boley, a proud Huntsville native and the owner of Spirited Art. Did you know that Spirited Art has been a part of our community for over 12 years?! I began my career at the studio as a teacher’s assistant and over 3 years, worked my way up to the studio manager. In 2016, I was offered the opportunity to take over ownership of the studio. As an EXCESSIVE planner of everything in my life, I overanalyzed the decision to death and finally I decided to go for it! SPOILER ALERT: It has been such a fulfilling and amazing decision!

The previous owner, Rebekah Bynum, and I always “jived,” having similar feelings about the future of the studio, and a shared love of wine and helping others express their creativity. Bekah gave me her blessing, guidance and a lot of wine. Man, did I have BIG plans for that first year at the studio. It turns out that you need to learn the ropes before you can incorporate brand new things (although I was ambitious and also moved our studio location to Campus 805 in February 2017)!

After a yearlong learning curve, I was able to start implementing my vision for Spirited Art’s future by adding Pop Up Classes to our calendar. These “Pop Ups” give us the opportunity to work with other local artists and businesses to offer more classes to the Huntsville community. I figured if I wanted different ways to express my creativity and the chance to learn new things, others did, too! We still LOVE our step by step painting classes and firmly believe that if you know your letters, colors, and shapes you are prepared for a fun night of creativity at our studio…and always remember, Don’t Drink the Paint Water!